The Physionutrition consultation

The Physionutrition consultation consists of taking charge of the imbalances and deficiencies in macro- and micronutrients of an individual in relation to his specific and personal needs.

The Physionutrition consultation uses specific questionnaires to establish the patient’s dietary habits and general state of health, in order to first rebalance the diet and then, if necessary, propose an adapted and personalised supplementation.

Physionutrition plays a major role in the case of a diet that is deficient in micronutrients for two main reasons:

  • the reduction in overall caloric intakes has led to a reduction in micronutrient intakes. . Lifestyle changes (shorter working hours, car journeys, free time spent watching television, etc.) lead to a decrease in energy expenditure,
  • a decrease in the density of micronutrients. Nowadays, 70% of our food comes from industrial products that are much less rich in nutrients and, at the same time, cultivation techniques have significantly reduced the nutrient content of fruit and vegetables.

As a consequence, even with a balanced diet, it is difficult to provide the organism with the necessary micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, fatty acids, probiotics, amino acids, etc.) which play an essential role When the deficit situation persists, symptoms set in, which may be the precursors of more serious illnesses.

During the Physionutrition consultation, the expert evaluates, with the help of scientific questionnaires, your micronutritional deficiencies, their origins and their impacts on your general health. He will then propose an individualised therapeutic programme to meet all your needs.

To go further, the Physionutrition specialist can prescribe biological tests.

When to consult

Physionutrition is a new preventive and therapeutic approach. It offers solutions for the whole family at every stage of life, improving our quality of life on a daily basis (stress, digestive problems, difficulty in falling asleep, etc.), preserving our health capital and accompanying therapeutic treatments.